Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deconstructing 90210

With my summer t.v. schedule being a little weird, I have started recording Beverly Hills, 90210. It appears daily on the Soap Network and three times in the morning on Saturdays. The episodes that are currently appearing during the week are around the time that Dylan and Brenda break-up for the second time and the truth about his affair with Kelly (while Brenda was in Paris) is about to come out. The weekend episodes are during the time that Kelly finds herself addicted to cocaine and Donna is dating some football with a bad heart. I'm not really sure which time period is my favorite, but I am certainly enjoying this blast from the past. As I was vegging on my couch this weekend and watching my three episodes it occurred to me how unintentionally funny this show was. I mean Brandon's parents leave for Japan and GIVE him the house. Heh. I come from the type of family that has one house and when they're done with that one they SELL it to buy the next one. Fabulous beach front condo in L.A. where three unemployed twentysomething's whoop it up? Suuuuuurrrreeee. Over the course of 9.5 years "the gang" experienced arson, drug abuse, rape, more drug abuse, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, a hit and run accident, impossibly old actors playing 12 year olds, and so on.

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littlelai said...

And we were watching it before we were in high school, which makes it even stranger to me.

Normally I would ask if we can blame some of youth's problems on the beverly hills gang, but is seem sacreligious to suggest....