Monday, June 26, 2006


Thanks for everyone participating in yesterday's question. Today's question is:

Do you believe in heaven (or some sort of an afterlife)? If so, what do you think it will be like?

I believe in heaven. I always have in the abstract, but after my mother passed away it became a more cemented belief. Honestly, I have to believe in it. It comforts me to think of her looking down on me (sometimes; other times I'm a little embarrassed). Back in Catholic school, the nuns used to say that heaven was whatever you wanted it to be and I guess I still believe that (they also mentioned a lot about hell, but I digress). I think all the people you want to be in your life will be there (even pets) and that everyone is happy. I hope you can watch after the people you left behind, I think it would be the ultimate soap opera. Plus, I hope that after you die you find out all the things people don't know on earth, such as: who killed Kennedy? Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Where's Natalee Holloway? And lots of other historical things that I don't have time to mention.


BabyMakes3 said...

I do believe in Heaven, but I find that as I get older I have less and less certainty regarding what it will be like. When I was little, I imagined it like most kids do. I thought we'd all wear white and that everything would be gold. Now, I'm not so sure.

littlelai said...

The question is not is there a heaven but rather will I actually make the cut!!

Avery's mom said...

I've been struggling with my belief in God these days and to think that there's a heaven would mean that I have to believe there is a God. which deep down inside I do know but I'm struggling to find him in my day to day life.
I'm sure he'll be there up in HEaven surrounded by singing angels when the big day comes for me to meet him.
sometimes it feels easier to think that God and HEaven and all that junk is simply made up by the Church to help organize and maintain Society over the centuries. I'm in a religious funk, sorry.
sometimes I think the 'afterlife' would be alot more peaceful if there wasnt any HEAVEN or HELL ....just simple death and an end to life's misery

littlelai said...

I don't think belief in heaven requires belief in God. There is no one picture of heaven because noone knows, so the idea that there is a place after death, heaven, requires no belief except the belief that such a place exists.

K8E said...

I believe in life after death. And reincarnation. As for Heaven and Hell - why not. We have to stay somewhere until all our lessons are learned. I guess it's a "What Dreams May Come" take on the afterlife.

Wendy said...

Sorry, I'm a day behind!
Yes I believe in heaven because I live in hell!, and I don't care what it is like as long as it is better than here!
I do want to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner whenever I want!