Monday, June 12, 2006

I think I broke a hip

I just finished playing tennis tonight and had a great time. Unfortunately, I feel like I am 200 years old and need a full joint replacement. Although I said that I "played" tennis I use that term loosely. It was more like being a ball boy with a racquet. We spent more time chasing balls than actually hitting them back and forth. It was only as humid as one imagines being trapped inside of Old Faithful would feel like (sans the scalding steam). At one point I almost did a face plant on the court and hit myself in the jaw with the racquet. As the stars were spinning around my head and I was trying to assess whether I had broken any bones. Thankfully, the only thing bruised was my ego and I got up and played for another hour. I am absolutely stunned by my coordination and natural talent for sports. I really missed my calling as a professional athlete.


K8E said...

Wow. This could be almost an exact description of my Tuesday night. If Michelle would actually run for a ball there might have been more hitting of them :o) Where did you play?

katie g. said...

We played where I work (so I won't be naming names) - but it is where I used to work in college ;)

K8E said...

I remember the name :o)