Thursday, September 01, 2005

No laughing matter

I usually post about things I think are funny or make observations about weird stuff that happens to me, but I just couldn't today. My cable and internet access have been out for days since the storm and I kept hoping it would come back on so I could watch the news and see new developments. Well, the cable and internet are back and I now realize that it may have been better when I didn't have the ability to see what was happening. It is extremely scary to see what is happening less than four hours away (or used to be that short of a drive) and how desperate the situation has become and how it continues to deteriorate. Aside from my immediate family, most of my relatives live in various cities in Louisiana. They are located in Slidell, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Natchitoches, and surrounding smaller towns and I can only imagine what is happening. It seems a bit apocolyptic. I'm not all that spiritual, but I will be concentrating prayers their way and I hope ya'll keep them in your thoughts.

On another related note, I find the dichotomy of human behavior in this situation fascinating and horrifying. People are gathering together to help evacuees and provide essentials to them and provide aid in various ways. People are also looting, firing at air ambulances, shooting police officers and jacking up prices on water, food, and gas. It is good to see people offering help out of the kindness of their hearts, but that observation is tempered by the other side of human nature. I hope that the good in people overcomes the bad. Okay, enough depressing thoughts for now.

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