Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Promoting insanity to sell products

I have several mottos in life such as:
1.) Don't buy food from Big Lots - I love their deals on name brand stuff, but discounted food scares me
2.) When choosing between Wal-Mart and Target, Target always wins
3.) Beer before liquor - never sicker, liquor before beer - in the clear
4.) Don't trust a lawyer with the last name Hustler (I saw the commercial, it exists)
5.) Never shop at stores where the owner is promoted as being mentally unstable, which brings me to the subject of this post:

Why do people use the adjectives "crazy" or "insane" in an attempt to sell you stuff? Crazy Bill's Fireworks? ugh-uh. I am not buying any dangerous, flammable materials from a man who is so open about his insanity. While in Bristol, Jenny and I came across a place of business called "Crazy Cooters Auto Repair." I will not be frequenting this place for two reasons: the crazy part and also a new addition to the motto list - don't buy things from one named "Cooter." I decided to do a nationwide yellow pages search to investigate how often people use this selling technique. Here were my results:

Over 2,000 results including
- Crazy Jane's, Crazy Bill's, Crazy Dave's, Crazy Bucks, Crazy Jay's, and my personal favorite Crazy Dick's

now using the word "insane"
- Only one by name (Insane Irving's), but 64 results overall

finally using the word "looney"
- over 200 results, several of which were the names of lawyers -no comment on that

Just a little something for you to think about :)


Peyton said...

Oh, I have got one... don't get drunk and go for a walk in your pj's and curlers to a park at night with a flask and a cell phone... bad things happen...

Katie-you will be happy to know I made it home safely and I am back on the wagon for a while.

Belle of Madison said...

When I lived in Mississippi, there was a dollar store called Fred's, and on all of the commercials, Fred's wife would be mad because his prices were too low (so I guess he was crazy). And at the end of every commercial, she'd say "Fred, you're giving away the STO-OOORE!!!"

Jenny said...

despite the fact that your post is overly critical of my peeps (just call me looney harris, esq.), i have been inspired to add to your list of mottos:

1) Never buy anything from the "used" bin in a porn shop.

2) If someone tells you that something a) smells bad or b) tastes bad, do not smell or taste said object.

3) 90 % of the population is stupid, 99% of the population is stupid when behind the wheel of a car.

4) Be always on the lookout for Korn's greatest hits. You never know when or where it may appear. (Sorry, this is an inside joke that is really too lame to explain, but too funny to me to not include).

5) Don't believe anything a cable company tells you. It's a lie. All of it.

Nastily said...

Katie, in case your wondering about discounted food at Dollar General, I can verify that their stuff is good. The green beans were gourmet tasting, the peanut butter good (but it's no Jiff), and their spices are great. I also like the flavored sprakling water they sell 2/$1.