Monday, August 29, 2005

I think God has a serious problem with Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida

As a resident of one of the states listed above I have noticed that our area of the country has been targeted by a great deal of inclement weather. I have lived in Alabama for about eight years and until a year ago we never really dealt with hurricanes or tropical storms. You got the occasional tornado, but nothing too severe. After reviewing storm evidence over the past year I have decided that we (the residents of the southeast) have done several things to piss the Big Man off. I know this seems to be alluding to an Old Testament type vengefulness, but the facts are irrefutable...I think the end of these storms will be when states below Tennessee are transformed into a glorified flood plain. Maybe I should be looking for library jobs in the north?

On another note, I have started school again. As some of you know I have been in graduate school for 246 years (approximately) and am apparently never graduating. I am the definition of a professional student. I am supposed to be looking for a real job, but the whole process seems extremely daunting. It is a necessary process, though, as I imagine I will receive very few job offers while sitting on my couch in my apartment. It could happen, but I will refrain from holding my breath. Have no fear I will figure something out. BTW, Peyton, if you are reading this you need to send me my revamped resume so I can see what kind of magic you weaved (I assume you avoided outright lies, right?)

Just out of curiosity I shall pose a question: What is your current job (you can be vague) and what job would you rather have (if you want something different from what you have)?


Belle of Madison said...

Oh Katie, you make me laugh. 246 years!

I'll answer your poll, and you can read more on this topic on my blog. My current job is in administration. I'm the assistant to 2.5 people. Really 2 but I like to throw in the half. I'm not too sure what I'd rather be doing.... I have a feeling "raising babies" isn't the answer you're looking for! I used to want to be an editor. I don't know anymore. I like the comfort of my job security. I'd rather stick with what I have than take a risk to make a change.

jenny said...

i'm an attorney. well, technically, i'm a judicial law clerk, but i start my new job at a law firm next week, so i will soon be practicing law. so far, it blows.

as for what job i'd rather know the answer to that question...i want to be a magician...the harry potter kind (aka, really magic), not the david copperfield kind. however, since that is not currently a possibility as i have no magical skills, my second choice would probably be to work for nascar in some fashion, enabling to meet kasey kahne and fulfill my destiny of becoming his wife and/or lover. (he he)

BabyMakes3 said...

i'm a pharmacist, but i would rather be an interior decorator or a photographer or something that doesn't require me to be responsible for people's lives. i'd even be a wedding planner, though brides tend to be pretty brutal.

K8E said...

According to paperwork my job title is "sales coordinator" but I really think "random task completion expert" shoud be printed on my business cards (if I had business cards).

And since I am apparently too lazy to study and sit for the CPA exam -I want to be a retiree. They've got it good - they're done working and have the pension plan, providing no one in the finance department has screwed that up.

Lora Leigh said...

I am currently a Civil Affairs Specialist. This means I am a liason between the government and the local people (from villagers to the highest officials). We help teach them how to solve their problems and be responsive to their people's needs (so I can get the H*ll outa here).

I am interested in working for myself...real estate, massage, a spa, something I can do by the beach and be with the husband.
Honestly, I like the idea of what I'm doing now, just not where I am doing it. And I don't like being slave driven -- that sucks.

Belle of Madison said...

Jenny when are you gonna start your own blog?

(Katie, hope you don't mind me using your blog as a medium to talk to other people!)

Belle of Madison said...

Jenny when are you gonna start your own blog?

(Katie, hope you don't mind me using your blog as a medium to talk to other people!)

jenny said...

hey sarah. i am planning to start my own blog. just can't think of a name.

Peyton said...

Hey, Katie, I will email your resume when I get my computer hooked up... we are still unpacking- ah, this move is never going to end. At least my apartment is the best apartment in Chicago... seriously, I can't wait for you to see it.

The answer to your question:
I am Miss Columbia... no actually,
I am a grad assistant to the Dean of International Student Affairs, but, I have been offered a job as a grad assistant with the Dean of Fine & Performing Arts (aka- the one who started the masters of studio art at NYU- connections, connections, connections). So, at this point, I am simply a grad assistant for someone.

My dream job is to watch tv all day with a cooler of beer next to me... I think that is what they call a couch potato.