Saturday, August 13, 2005

Brown Fat vs. White Fat

I am heading to the beach in a few days and I am excited about the trip for a number of reasons. Beer drinking, no work, seeing old friends...and...tanning myself. I know I gave Sarah M. a hard time about doing the old fake n' bake, but I totally plan on tanning while at the beach. As I don't go to the beach very often, I don't feel bad about getting some sun. This brings me to the title. Girls, ya'll know that brown fat looks better than translucent, pale fat. This is part of my reason for tanning. I like how it looks. Now, I am not talking about the overly tanned, slightly leather look, but a smooth golden glow. I like to take my time getting my brown look. I use SPF 30 all over and SPF 50 on my face. This makes for the best sunscreen combination for my complexion. I am naturally fairly pale, but if I take my time tanning with sunscreen I will get a tan and not a burn. It is a careful process, requiring repeated applications of sunscreen (which is more difficult than you would think as the beer drinking goes on), but it is worth it. I know I should think pale skin is beautiful - I do, you know, the porcelain kind - but I've got the blotchy look going and must combat this look at any chance I get. I will let ya'll know how the tan works out next week. I plan on posting before then, but if I don't get a chance - tah-tah for now kiddos!


Jenny said...

nothing wrong with being pale. i embraced it years ago. granted, if i could tan, i certainly would. but, my ass doesn't look any better in red than it does in white.

Amber Friend said...

Hey Katie G!

I am so pleasantly suprised to see that you are still in the big pig (bham)! Just wanted to say hello and good luck with your new blog!


Belle of Madison said...

Spoken like a true southern belle. Good luck with your tan.

Anonymous said...

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