Monday, August 08, 2005

Storm Dreams

As of late I have had several dreams about storms. Not your usual, run of the mill rainstorms, but tornadoes, lightning, massive winds, etc. I think part of this was inspired by the movie War of the Worlds and my "first waver" theory (I am sure this will come up in a future post, no need to discuss here). Imagine to my utmost fear on Friday when Birmingham experienced one of the strongest summer thunderstorms that I have ever had the pleasure of driving in. Jenny was with me and it started hailing and we were at a light at the Summit. I assumed that death was just around the corner (ever the positive thinker) and started blathering on about tornadoes. Jenny just laughed, but that's okay b/c God got her back and she stepped in a big puddle once I dropped her off at the restaurant. The reason I am going on and on about this is my fear that my dreams will come true. I just had a lightning storm dream last night and it rains everyday here. Can't help but feel like something's coming. I think the remedy to this situation is never to watch anymore disaster movies, but this won't happen. I guess I will keep you posted on the dreams and if we happen to be hanging out and the weather looks iffy you might consider keeping your distance

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Jenny said...

thankfully, God does not get me back everytime i laugh at you because i probably wouldn't even be alive at this point.