Monday, August 22, 2005

Ms. Lucy Goosey (Loosey Goosey?)

I have been saving this topic for a few weeks, but I think that it is time to introduce everyone to Lucy Goosey. Lucy is a clay goose that is on the front porch of one of the apartments a few doors down from me. She is no ordinary goose. She has personality. She has a wardrobe. She has style and panache. Overall, Lucy is the hippest goose in town. Let me explain:

There is a little old lady who lives in the apartment and every week she dresses Lucy in a new outfit. In the five weeks I have lived at this apartment Lucy has been dressed in the following outfits:
-Chef: red gingham with a white apron and chef's hat with an accompanying sign asking "what's cookin' good lookin'"
-Superman: close your eyes and picture Superman, now imagine if Superman was a goose and you've got it. The sign next to it stated "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Superman!" (Jenny did point out that, in fact, Lucy is a goose and as such is a bird, but that is neither here nor there).
-Braves Baseball Player: it had on the uniform complete with attached bat and ball and a tiny baseball hat. It had a pennant on a post in the ground and a smiley/frowny face that depended on whether or not the Braves won or lost.
-Hot Air Balloonist: this one is a little more complicated, but it consisted of a dress made of a hot air balloon print, a tiny hat with a hot air balloon pasted on it. It also had a foot high hot air balloon hanging on a hook next to her.
-Rainbow Dress: pretty self explanatory, a bit of a formal week if you ask me.
-Cowgirl: A fringe suede dress and small horse on a stick and little cowboy hat. The best yet!

In addition to the weekly costumes:
Sundays: Lucy wears a dress. She is apparently a weekly worshiper. Denomination unknown at this time.
Rainy Days and Nights: Lucy wears a pink raincoat.
During American Idol: It was dressed as Bo Bice.

Ya'll I am not making this stuff up! I don't have that kind of imagination. I have decided to include a weekly costume update, so get excited! I love old people!

P.S. once I learn how to post pictures and Jenny gets her camera charged I'll provide proof of Lucy's existence....


Belle of Madison said...

Wow. I can't wait to see pictures. Gotta love it. Lydia somehow got on the mailing list for a bunch of crazy catalogs... everything from country charm, to cat lovers, to save the whales... there was something similar in one of them, don't remember if it was a duck or a goose, but she only changed clothes monthly. Sounds like Lucy is much more on top of things.

K8E said...

That sounds just too darn cute lol. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Lora Leigh said...

Lucy Goosey! How cute! I want to see the pink raincoat.