Monday, June 18, 2007

you know

Sometimes I can be such a sh*t. Really, over the course of this weekend, I was around a bunch of people that are generally nice and go along with things with a smile on their faces. You know what I heard all weekend? "Katie, try to smile for the picture!"; "Katie, you look bored"; "You look like you would rather be anywhere but here"; "Act like you like the people you're taking a picture with"

First off, I am not a "smiley" person. My face doesn't naturally go into a smile so when I look pissed-off it's just how I usually look. Sorry, but that's the truth. For those stupid emails that say it takes 236 muscles to frown and 3 to smile - I say this is FALSE. It takes no muscles for me to frown, it is my natural state.

I am smile inhibited. I can't help it. Sue me.


sara g said...

Good to know. I sometimes get scared and fear for my life. Thank goodness Teddy has my back.

Belle of Madison said...

My dad's "natural" look is pissed as hell.

I think as I get older I'll be taking on a similar look.