Thursday, June 28, 2007

Old School Summer

Tonight was really quite nice. We had an ice cream social at the library and it was a hit and it was fun! I really had a good time doling out the ice cream to all the people from little kids to older people. We even had some really polite children who were eager to clean up and help get everything put away. All in all, I have had a pretty stressful week and this was a nice way to spend an evening. It even felt like a summer day! All this crazy work at the library makes you forget about the lazy days of summer (because we don't have any). I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the summer and just vegging out and hanging out with my friends. Makes me a little nostalgic.


Ready24/7 said...

I was thinking that recently, how unfair it is that you get all your summers off as a kid, and you never realize it won't always be that way. Then BOOM, you're grown-up and no more summers.

Peyton said...

i think about that all of the time... especially now that I work at a college. Most of the faculty take the summer off because they are not under contract. Plus, most of the students are away. Then, there is the college administration, which I belong to, who has to work all summer. At least we get every other Friday off during the summer... that is something.

K8E said...

I miss summer vacations. Heck, I miss having regular holiday vacations. The joys of being an accountant is the fact I get to work July 4th. I console myself with the fact I'll get a floating holiday to take when I want - like a Friday :o)