Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back from D&Bs

Dave & Busters was awesome! I had a lot of fun and we won a lot of tickets. Sara and I were working as a team so we pooled our winnings and grabbed some crap from the 'Winner's Circle.' Originally we decided to pool our tickets so that we could get a couple of shot glasses or beer glasses, but they didn't have either of these items. We were forced to spend our 2,900 tickets on lovely, quality items such as: 1 metal Hello Kitty purse (kind of looks like a round lunch pail); 1 pink poodle purse (which is now named Fluffy); 1 wind-up cow that walks around (Jenny's souvenir) 1 guitar playing frog bank; and last, but certainly not least: a genuine Elvis Presley artifact! It is a framed picture of Elvis and a bit of film (with his picture on it). So the Winner's Circle did not turn out to be a total waste. Also, Sara managed to scam the other people we were with out of a teddy bear they got with their winnings - actually I asked them if she could have it as she seemed quite attached to it on the car ride home - you may refer to him as T.B. All in all, it was good fun and I shall be returning in the future.

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K8E said...

How could they be out of the beer pints and shot glasses?? Isn't that against the laws of nature??