Monday, June 11, 2007

My answer to the divorce rate: duplex living

I have espoused several of my theories or ideas on life on this blog and I have decided to treat you to another pearl of wisdom:

If I ever get married, I'm living in a duplex. A very nice duplex, but a side-by-side dwelling nonetheless. I don't think men and women should live together on a full time, multi-year basis. Sure, some people can handle it, but I think that part of the reason people break up is because they are just tired of seeing the same person in their house day after day. This brings us to the compromise: two homes in one. Here's the plan: I'll live on one side (with Teddy, of course), and he (who shall-not-be-named as he has not been identified yet) will live on the other side with the kids. I am going to pick someone who's good with kids and cleaning and then we will live kind of together in marital bliss for years and years. I figure we can work out a system of signals. You know, one knock on the wall could signal that one of us would like to talk, another set of knocks could signal that one of us is in the mood...another set could signal when dinner is ready (that he will most likely be making). I think it is a perfect plan, personally. I am available for a more detailed analysis if you are considering this wise move.


Ready24/7 said...

I think that sounds like a really good idea!

K8E said...

I fully believe that the only reason my parents are still married is that my dad used to work off shore and was only home 4 months out of the year until he retired.