Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is just ridiculous

I am leaving for my vacation tomorrow and I am quite excited. I am driving up to Nashville tomorrow afternoon and then my father and I are flying to Boca Raton Thursday morning. My brother, Chris, has wanted to go for a while, but decided that it was not something he could financially arrange. Imagine my irritation when I check cnn.com this morning and find out that a tropical storm has formed out in the Carribean and is making its way to Florida in the next few days. The name of the tropical storm? Chris. Coincidence? I think not.

(photo courtesy of NOAA)


Avery's mom said...

my girlfriend was on a 7 day cruise to Mexico during Huricane Rita last fall and her voyage turned into a 10 day cruise being stuck out at sea. Bonus vacation time....you just have to look at the positive. Maybe tropical storm Chirs is a sign from God to teach your bro not to lie to you.

Peyton said...

Have fun Katie! Call me if you get bored. Oh and be sure to take pictures, especially of your four star hotel.