Sunday, August 27, 2006

'Da News

You Are Here: We have Claire P. here to deliver us some news today (some of you know her from a little sorority we belonged to back in the day and others may know her as a good friend - or both in my case): She's engaged!!
YAH: So, how did he pop the question?!
CP: It was THE most romantic thing EVER! We spent a few days at an amazing b&b this past week. The day in question began with horseback riding. After changing we went on a picnic down by the river. The chef prepared us a fantastic basket lunch. We found the most beautiful spot. Jeremy chose that moment to sweep me off my feet once again. It truly was better than anything I could have dreamt. It was only half way through our trip so from then on we were celebrating. SOOOO Romantic!
YAH: rumor has it you two will be celebrating the nuptials at the Magic Kingdom. (A bit of an inside joke here, people - her mom saw a special about weddings at Disney World and suggested it to Claire)?
CP: Well, let me just straighten that up now. NO! Can you imagine? It's perfect for some, but not us. (heh. snobs.)
YAH: Where do you think that you'll be having the wedding?
CP: That is the big question right now. A b&b in the mountains? A vineyard in the mountains? We're on it but no decisions have been made.
YAH: When are you having the wedding?
CP: Right now the plan is sometime next summer. The future is so unknown because of graduation, etc. but that is our goal.
YAH: what will I be doing in this event?
CP: Well, Katie, we've been thinking you could escort our cat Delilah down the aisle as ring bearer. What do you think?
YAH: I'm so honored. So, are you knocked up yet?
CP: Oh right! This will give everyone the chance to meet our newborn. It's been the best kept secret!! :) JK!

You heard it here first. Congrats, Claire!!

P.S. that is NOT the engagement ring. I found it by looking on google images under the search terms "fugly ring"


Sara G said...

Woo hoo! Another one bites the dust :)

Lora Leigh said...

YEAH :-)

Congrats Claire

Peyton said...

Now, that is exciting news!

katie g. said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if that really was her ring. Ah, endless entertainment!

Belle of Madison said...

YAY CLAIRE! It's so nice to "hear from" her! I'm always glad to hear about those happy endings.

K8E said...

Congratulations Claire!