Thursday, August 24, 2006

Got some news

But I'm not sharing yet. It's not about me, but I will be letting you know Monday. In the meantime, I have another question.

It was announced this week that the latest season of Survivor will be divided up by race. I think that this is a bad idea. These kind of games can get really ugly and grouping people by their race only encourages certain stereotypes. One of the articles about it had Jeff Probst (the host) discussing how it would require people to look beyond stereotypes of how some races are believed to be faster or smarter. What?! I am not easily offended, but this offends me. I just think it's a bad idea.


BabyMakes3 said...

i agree. i just don't see it being a good idea.

Lydia said...

I don't like that at all!