Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ooooh, that makes me so mad!

I just read a story in People Magazine about pet owners and Hurricane Katrina. When the storm first struck, one of the big stories was about pets that people had to leave behind because they couldn't take them to shelters or other circumstances. I felt so bad for the pet owners and could understand how devastating that would be to an owner. I would be heartbroken if I couldn't take Teddy with me. This brings me to the story. After people left their animals in shelters or at their homes, those pets were adopted out to other families. Now, the original owners want their pets back and often times the new families won't give them back. In many cases, these people have lost so much and now they can't even have their furry friends. I don't think it's right and I just had to post something about it. Maybe I am in the minority here, but I still think it's wrong to keep someone else's dog or cat.

P.S. I am talking about good owners, not ones that shouldn't have had pets to begin with.


Belle of Madison said...

I agree! They should get their pets back!

Lydia said...

If they can actually locate and match up pets and owners, by all means they should get them back! I'm sure there are enough animals whose people have died or can't be found that can be adopted by new owners.

Peyton said...

You are so right, Katie. I would just die if I had to leave Maggie and Ella behind. That would not even be an option for me. Maggie and Ella are not just pets, they are my fur children. I think it is wrong to make people leave their pets behind. I think it is even more wrong to not give them back. It is kind of these people to take care of the animals, however, they need to give them back to the original owners if possible- it is only fair to the pets and the original owners to do so.

Katie, I can feel my blood pressure rising... I could go one for hours about this.

Avery's mom said...

just to be contraversial, I'm gonna say that if the origainal owners(o.o.) had to GIVE up their animals...they shouldnt expect to get them back.
there have been new bonds made between the new owners and the pets and that should be respected as well.
its a sad loss for the O.O. but the entire Katrina situation was devistating. These people cant expect to get their lives back. Choices were made and unfortunatly family pets had to be placed somewhere else. There is a loss that must be had because somewhere else a new family found and cared and loved and bonded with the animal and gave it a home, THat too should not be destroyed.

Peyton said...

Most people’s pets are like their children. Furthermore, most of the victims of Katrina had no choice about giving up their fur children. Saying “these people can’t expect to get their lives back” is quite brutal.

How would Avery’s Mom feel if she were forced to give up Avery to foster care? Would she be so eager to say “there is a loss that must be had because somewhere else a new family found and cared and loved and bonded with the [child] and gave it a home, that too should not be destroyed?” Probably not.

Avery's mom said...

your absolutely right peyton...I would be putting up a fuss too. but the fact remains that if I had to loose my child then I would have to come to grips with the fact that my daughter was GONE from me And my postition as her mother had expired.
If I lived in an area that was destroyed by Katrina and I lost my own CHild (avery) then I would have to loose the connection in my heart to be able to continue on in my life.
If I left my child behind with the intetion of coming back for her...then I would expect for her to still be available . So many of these hurricane vicitms ended up transfering to TX. (my home state) and waited around for MONTHS .....where was their concern for their pets(children as you put it)
they had to realize that as the time ticked by, their likelyhood of reuniting with their beloved animals that they left in the flooding was growing slim.
Its been almost a year ( I went into labor with Avery the same time katrina was hitting the coast)
and I feel that in the case of ANimals, the orignial owners should have done more to protect their "children" then put them in foster care. If they were willing to leave their babies behind, then they should be able to accept that it might not have been the best choice.
I never would have left Avery behind with ANyone.....

Peyton said...

Whoa, someone is feeling threatened.

katie g. said...

Ladies, ladies - you both have good points. I love my dog and can't really think of a situation where I would be forced to leave him behind. I would hope that someone would give him back to me b/c it is the right thing to do. I also agree that babies and pets are very different and I would hope that anyone forced to make such a horrible decision as leaving their baby behind would choose to save their child as opposed to themselves.

Good discussion, everyone.

Peyton said...

Katie, I am surprised you are going to take the side of someone you don't even know over a friend you have had for 12 years. That is a ballsy move.

katie g. said...

No sides are being taken, I am just acknowledging that you both had some good points AND some points I did not agree with.