Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm about to have an old person moment

the picture has nothing to do with this, but I looked up "angry muppets" and this is something I found and it made me laugh. I need a laugh

Although I consider myself fairly young...I am about to have one of "those kids today" rants.

Surprisingly this "story" could be about someone that is several years older than I am...but here it is...

(the following should be read with a sarcastic tone - just a suggestion)
Let's say (hypothetically) that someone you depend on at work or at home or childcare or something similar up an disappeared. Not the scary kind of disappear, but the "peace out, see ya!" kind of way. Let's say this person didn't give you any personal notice. Perhaps they informed you via a letter, or email, or text message. Definitely something that didn't require any kind of human interaction. Let's say that there was no notice. No two weeks, no day, no hour notice. Okay, keep up with me here...Let's say that said person left because she wanted to join up with a campaign of sorts. Maybe political. Maybe not. And that's it. No sorry, no I hate that this may inconvenience you in a major way. Just I'm leaving, I've decided to do this. I've already left.

I imagine that the person this happened to would be really irritated. Maybe even mad. I don't know. I would certainly hate to be that person.

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