Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vegas, Baby

I am leaving for Las Vegas on October 2nd. My companion for this trip is the roommie, Sara. For those of you who have provided me excuses for why you can't go to on the birthday extravaganza...then I provide Exibit A. I have lots of plans for my three nights and four days and I can't wait. I am definitely going to see The Thunder From Down Under and the restaurant Bouchon. Other than that, things are pretty much in the air!!


PrincessGreen17 said...

Yes! That will be so much fun.

katie g. said...

It turns out that Peyton and Jamie will be coming to Vegas...so now we're a foursome!

Peyton said...

ummm... we have to see "Love" the cirque du soliel beatles show... and some pool/relaxation time... holla! Since we are going to be on Mountain time, i would keep your expectations of me staying up late pretty low (especially since i am on Eastern time now).