Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Question for the masses

Hey folks. I have an interesting query that I heard today from an aquaintence. So, this person recently had "relations" with a guy and it turns out he was packing...if you get what I mean. So she thinks that she may have bruised her lady parts during their act (specifically the cervix?). I think that's what she thinks it is. So here's the question (actually questions):

A. has this ever happened to you?
B. Will it build up some sort of callous?
C. Could this cause some sort of medical problem?

I will have you know that B. is something she really wanted to know. I have never really had this experience so I thought I would open it up to the world wide web.

Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

i don't know about a callous, but i've had bleeding from that.

Anonymous said...

i don't have any input.

PrincessGreen17 said...

I don't think there would be any kind of medical damage, I don't know about callousing but I will suggest using lots of lube!