Saturday, September 20, 2008

A word about the previous post

Here's the thing. A dear friend was wrongfully fired...via voicemail from this establishment. I am not going to get into particulars, but the whole thing angers me to no end. Here's something you should know about me. I take it very personally when people mess with my friends. I love them and they deserve the best. With this in mind, I am cannot frequent a business that has so clearly lost it's path. Also, just in case you are of a skeptical nature, it truly was a firing that was not warranted. I was a witness to a lot of what led up to it. Some people choose to be cowards in their everyday life. This is one of those times. I do believe in karma and that's what comforts me about the situation. The friend will land on her feet. Oh, and I quit, too.


PrincessGreen17 said...

Firing over a voicemail is so wrong!

Anonymous said...

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