Saturday, December 02, 2006

Word of Advice

It seems to me that celebrities (particularly ones of the young and female persuasion) have been making some poor decisions of late. I think you know where this is going...

Britney, Britney, Britney...for someone who has as much money as she does it seems like she could make some allowances for panties. Or longer dresses. Or the skill to get in and out of cars without showing everyone what God gave you and then some. Also, she was working on courting public opinion and basking in the glow of shedding her dead-beat, pathetic "rapper" husband and then she has to start hanging around with Paris "that's hot" Hilton. I may be mistaken, but doesn't she have two small children at home? As a friend of mine suggested, maybe Brangelina adopted them. Can you imagine the horror of being Sean Preston Federline at the age of 13 or 14 surfing the internet and catching a glimpse of your mama's nether regions. Take a moment and pray, people.

And on to Lindsay Lohan. Apparently she has been attending AA meetings. Good for her. Perhaps she might want to quit drinking before wearing her 90 day sobriety chip. I think that's the point of the organization. It's like if I joined Weight Watchers and brought donuts and to the meeting and told everyone I was "thinking" about losing weight. She also needs to invest in underwear as Britney is not the only young lady in Hollywood going commando...and proving it.


Peyton said...

If I see one more celebrity coochy, I am going to scream!

Avery's mom said...

Its fickin' Winter people. put on some long johns.
these girls are just tasteless and tacky. And how on earth does a new mom get to go clubbing? and every night for a week?
(I wanna nanny )

Rachel C. said...

i've been readin' about the crotchies. geeeez. she's got two kids. she's a mum! we don't want to see her crotch!

and i douby lalohan we stay in AA very long. it's sad though. not even legal, and going to AA meetings. she was so cute in the parent trap. not as cute as hayley mills, but still.