Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am working at my part-time job right now (the one that I was working at before my library job) and I am listening to the dull roar of ill-behaved children playing foosball and running around and disturbing other people while their parents play tennis and ignore them. Lately, I have found that there are generally two sets of parents in this world: the kind that herd their children and the kind that get herded.

The kind that herd:
They keep a fairly good watch over their kids and make sure that they don't act up too much in public places and don't destroy too much public property. They also seem to realize that other people don't find their children nearly as endearing as they do or have the ability to tune out the noise that they make. I find these kinds of parents to be responsible and doing the best they can. Their children also tend to be pleasant and as well-behaved as children are likely to be.

The kind that get herded:
These parents are being played by their children like a violin. They meekly tell them to "shush" when they are screaming and running around (which has a negligible effect, if any) like tiny yetis. They continue on with their shopping and errands without regard for the suffering of other people. Their children will most likely grow up to be serial murderers or the kind of people that show off their unencumbered body parts when getting in and out cars.


Avery's mom said...

"unencumbered body parts"
God help me if that 's how my family behaves. thanks for the heads up :)

Peyton said...

Katie, you should quit your part-time job... Do they still do the thing where you get a free 6-month membership after you work there 5 years?

katie g. said...

Unfortunately, I quit working there for a couple of years in the middle, remember? I don't know, it's just like I can't give it up...I'm a sick individual...