Monday, March 26, 2007

Things change...despite our efforts

This weekend I am throwing a shower for one of my best friends. This is a collaborative event and three of my closest friends are also hosting this social extravaganza. I have tried to do a good job and everyone else has been enthusiastic and it should be a great party. Have I been looking forward to it? At first, not so much. I was too worried that I wouldn't do it right and everyone would be disappointed in me and the results. It finally dawned on me that this coming weekend is a good thing. It will be the last (if not first and last) time that most of my girlfriends from highschool/college will be together as just us girls. Several of us live in different states and getting together is an effort (well worth it) that requires plane tickets, rental cars, time off from work or school. I guess I just wanted to blog about how grateful I am that this weekend is happening and we should get in some fun and rare bonding time. Girly - yes. Worth it - yes.


Avery's mom said...

i would hope you had help in tossing a shower.

glad you have something to look forward too and i hope you get many special moments and memories from the gathering of your friends.

Peyton said...

Katie, I am so excited!!! I can't wait for the big reunion!

Ready24/7 said...

That's a good attitude!