Monday, November 20, 2006


Though, I shall not name names, I am going to vent a little about someone here on the ole blog. Someone (once again, who shall remain nameless) is supposed to be visiting me in Nashville today and tomorrow, but I have not heard from this certain someone since Friday. Friday. This person does not know how to get to my house in Nashville and it is a little irritating that they are MIA. I could be making plans with some of my other friends up here, but I was waiting for this person to call and say they were coming or weren't coming. At first I was just worried that something may have happened, but another friend of mine let me know that they had logged into their myspace account yesterday. Hmmm. Not looking good for this person and I am still peeved. I think I will just make my alternative plans and not worry about the other person. I know that this post is a bit rambling, but I had to express my displeasure.


K8E said...

I hate it when people do stuff like that.

Peyton said...

Whoever it is sucks a big fat one... You should definitely make other plans. If they get mad that you made other plans tell them not to be so f*cking flaky next time; perhaps, they should take this as a lesson.