Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First step. Final realization.

I put the fabulous tree up over the weekend and it is just as beautiful as last year. I tried to take a picture of it, but the lights make it impossible to tell what it is (and without lights, what is a Christmas Tree?). Very exciting stuff. I love looking at the tree and in looking at its near perfection, I have come to an important conclusion: Christmas will never be what I want it to be. I watch the movies, read the books, plan the perfect dinner and set the bar too high. I am disappointed every year because I have set my sights on the impossible dream: a storybook Christmas. What should I do about this? Lower my standards or try not to be bothered by my dad and his scroogy-ness. Abandon the movies, books, and dinner plans and just take it as it comes? I just don't know, but something needs to change. Are you perpetually disappointed on Christmas or is really just me?


Belle of Madison said...

No, don't lower your expectations! It wouldn't be Christmas without Katie's Christmas Movie Night. Okay, so I haven't been to one in a few years. But I promise I will be watching It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story and Elf and as many others as I can. I think you just have to remind yourself to find joy in the little things as well as the big ones, and the Christmas season will be a success.

Was that gooey enough for you?

Peyton said...

What would the holiday be if there wasn't disappointment... I only say that because I don't typically enjoy the holiday... I would much rather go on vacation than spend it bored in the middle of nowhere.

But, Katie, you shouldn't lower your standards for anyone. You bring the Christmas spirit like no other and it really gets me pumped about the holiday... besides, I have the best gifts for you this year (that is something to look forward to)... oh, and get excited, I am mailing some Christmas stuff to add to your decor.

Avery's mom said...

oh wow! first of all it sounds like you have the spirit of Christmas and sharing it with your friends is the best part.
I was going to say something to the effect of not having expectations but reading your comments I realized that your friends benefit and adore you for your holiday cheer. Keep it up and continue to stay excited. sometimes we need to balance out the "ba-humbugness" of others. its the season for giving and our joy and love of celebrating this time of year evidentaly has been a gift for your friends.
wish we could see your tree. dont think we're going to have a tree because of the cats and babies. i want to but it might end up being just an ornimental fake 1 ft Christmas tree.

also , thanks for your supportive comments. I'm not much of the asskicking type (I leave that for hubs) but your words made me smile.
thanks and Hugs to you

Lydia said...

No, keep it going! Someday you'll have kids of your own and you can make them do whatever you want to celebrate Christmas!

Peyton said...

I like Avery's Mom's comment... You do balance us Scrooges out... Imagine how little holiday cheer I would have if it weren't for you... Now that I am far away, I would do anything to participate in your holiday movie night. Oh, and Avery's mom should get a 1 ft. tree- that is what I have and it is perfect. You just pack it away in a box at the end of the holiday season (ornaments and all) and it is ready to pull out next year. It is low maintenance.

Lora Leigh said...

Happy Holidays! I say you should come visit me in Germany this Christmas or next! They have tons (50+) Christmas Markets all over Germany that are AMAZING! And they serve warm, spiced holiday wine (aka gluhwine) all season long -- mmmMMMm.

Strangely enough I really enjoy Christmas and the gifts. I enjoy everything from shopping for the gifts, finding and giving the perfect gift, and finally receiving the gifts that I asked for from a few select family members who actually took my "Wish List" seriously. :-)