Monday, October 16, 2006


I have been reading Beverly Cleary's Ramona books. I used to love these books when I was growing up and I decided to read some of them again to revisit some great children's literature. Some books intended for children are not that interesting to adults, but this is not the case for these books. Ramona alway reminded me of myself when I was growing up. She always got into a lot of trouble and had no idea how it happened. I would do something bad and feel instant remorse and my parents would be angry and frustrated at me. During the course of my childhood I cost my parents a crap load of money due to my curiosity and destructiveness. The amount of money easily crossed into the thousands. A quick list of the things my parents had to pay to replace are as follows: a bathroom sink, carpeting for my room and the hall, two doors, an entire make-up kit and perfume, numerous brackets for braces, several home visits for plumbers to unclog the toilet after I flushed lincoln logs and clothing down it, and a variety of toys that I dismembered, crushed, or ruined by leaving them outside. Yes, my parents are currently awaiting confirmation on their respective sainhood.


Peyton said...

Katie, don't forget that they had to replace your ability to walk after the driveway incident.

Anonymous said...

I loved Ramona books too! funny to be reading them as an adult. cant wait to get avery into books.

Belle of Madison said...

I read the Ramona books but I don't remember identifying with her. If anything I probably identified with Beezus. :) Ramona was just interesting to read about because she was so out there.

(I was a very docile child. Is anyone surprised?)

Lydia said...

Katie! You WERE Ramona! :)