Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The case for drinking.

Well, I don't need to make one. Just kidding. I thought the title would lure you in...heehee.

I am heading to Nashville this weekend because one of my closest friends (the one who left a comment on the previous post about me trying to steal her four-year-old daughter's pink chair - I'm all class) is having her second baby! I will be the godmother to this baby as well (I am also Isabella's godmother) and I plan on lavishing attention on this baby, too. I bitch and moan about some kids, but I really love that little girl and I am sure that I will feel the same about her little brother. As I have told Ashley time and again, no matter how uncool her children will come to believe she is, they will ALWAYS think their Aunt Katie is cool. It's better than having your own kids! Let me know if anybody else needs a godmother.


Peyton said...

Congratulations, Katie, on becoming godmother, again! You can be godmother to my fur children if you are interested ;)

Brandy N said...

Congratulations Katie! Being an Aunt or Uncle is the best job in the world. I don't plan to have any kids-- just be the cool aunt that sugars them up and takes them home to mom and dad. :)