Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dueling Topics

I have two things to talk about today:

1. The Keg Party - Several people have commented that I haven't said anything about the party, so I thought I would fill ya'll in. I had a good time. It feels good to know that your friends like you enough to gather around you and drink to celebrate the occasion of your birth. Seriously, it does make me happy that people want to be with me on my birthday. Yes, I did my first, second, and last keg stands that night and plan on NEVER doing it again. It was an experience and I will leave it at that. All of the birthday wishes I received were appreciated and I love all of my friends. And just for the record- no, I didn't have an actual 18 yr old rub all over me. My love life is still like the Sahara Desert. Make your own analogies.

2. The House of Carters: Bad reality television=Katie sitting on her house soaking it in. I can't help myself. I love to watch celebrities making asses of themselves. Most favorite quote yet? from Aaron Carter himself (of Aaron's Party - the album - fame, and the boy that romanced not only Hilary Duff, but Lindsay Lohan and created the feud that rocked the 'tween' world): "my heart's so big (in reference to what a good person he is) I can feel it beating out of my chest." I think the reason he can feel it beating out of his chest is because he is high on crystal meth. Good stuff - you should tune in.


littlelai said...

I thought you would watch that show!!! I'm interested but afraid I will get hooked to the ridiculousness of it, like I did with the first season of Laguna Beach!!

You know the little Carter proposed to someone on stage at a concert and then called it off the next day!!! dumbass.

Peyton said...

I think I may tivo it once to see if I can really add a new reality tv show to my already packed tv viewing schedule... Ooo, I have to go. The Biggest Loser is about to come on.

Roach said...

Three cheers for keg stands!
Three more cheers for exclamation points!!!!