Thursday, August 21, 2008

Details on Nashville

I was pretty tired when I got back from Nashville so it has taken me a couple of days to recover.

Let's see, what did I do over the five days?

Well, I got to see Sarah M. who I mentioned in the earlier post about Nashville. It had been about 5 or 6 years since I saw Sarah and it was great to hang out! The thing about Sarah and about several of my friends is that they are REALLY different from me. Sarah is quieter than me and nicer and more talented (she quilts, people!) and she's good at grammar. I like to think I bring a little humor to the relationship, but overall it is nice to be around people who think about things differently than you do. I think that is what makes us well-rounded people. All right, enough about Sarah :)

I went to a used book store with my friend Ashley's husband. I've known Daniel for about ten years, but this was the first time we have hung out by ourselves. It was different. He can be pretty funny, actually.

I had dinner with Sarah M. and another friend from college Sarah L. (I know many Sarahs) It was fun seeing people you haven't been around in years. It brings up old memories and you get to find out about how other people are doing.

Hmmm, I had lunch with Ashley and her two kids, Colin and Isabella (it is Colin and not Collin, right?). Isabella has me pegged and she is one of the cutest kids I know. She thinks I'm awesome and that means I will buy her stuff just because of this :)

I got my hair chopped off and I am quite pleased with the result.

Several friends and I went to a couple of bars Saturday night and it was fun because it was a group of ladies that I don't get a chance to party with very often. Erin (she is a close family friend who I consider like a sister), Sarah M., and Ashley all got to come out and let loose - well, a little loose. That is where the mechanical bull riding took place. Erin and I were the only ones that literally seized the bull and it was something I would do again. I think I got more loose than the others, but that's not really a surprise to anyone, is it?

Sunday I had dinner at a fantastic new place in Nashville called Miro District with my friend Jenny R. She and her husband used to live in Bham and moved about 6 months ago.

Later, I went to Ashley's and played with Colin and Isabella again. I love it when Isabella shows me her room and all her new toys. She is just too fun. It almost makes me want to have a kid, but then I would have to give it to Ashley to raise.

Got home and watched a little Olympics with Dad and went to bed.

Whoo. I'm tired just typing it!

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