Thursday, August 07, 2008

Considering the life of a hobo

The more you make the more you spend. I shelled out $350 for stuff I needed, but really can't afford. New contacts, glasses and windshield wipers (the wipers cost $63 b/c of a mistake on my part...). The contacts and glasses were needed because I needed to update my prescription and looking at everything in a fuzzy glow isn't a good idea. Blah. I'm not going to discuss money anymore, though.

Speaking of fuzzy

I was watching a tivo'd episode of 20/20 and noticed something quite amusing. When Elizabeth Vargas (anchor of the show) introduced a piece by Barbara Walters the picture on the t.v. was crystal clear. When they panned to Barbara there was a fuzzy glow all around her. I know that it is probably part of her contract that she is seen in the fuzzy glow, but it was a little ridiculous. Everyone knows that Barbara is 113 years old and no amount of fuzzy glow is going to hide that.

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PrincessGreen17 said...

Well, at least that was stuff you don't have to buy very often.

That's funny that it's so obvious!