Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baking and the Olympics

I'm having a quiet evening at home. I'm baking cupcakes...which I never do and I am watching my tivo'd Olympics! I love it! I can watch all the fun stuff and fast forward through the commercials. I am such a fan of the Olympics. Everytime the national anthem plays I get chill bumps and, dare I say, I'm proud to be an American! I also like the hotties that compete in the games. Hot bodies and national pride, it just doesn't get better than that! I will stop use exclamation marks now!

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Sarah said...

You seem to be a little giddy! Must be all that sugar from the cupcakes! I'm watching a little bit of the Olympics too. Speaking of the national anthem... sort of... I went to a meeting of Toastmasters International this week, and at the beginning of the meeting everyone stands and says the pledge of allegiance. I noticed that rather than putting his hand over his heart, this one guy put his hand on his stomach. Hmm... (Maybe I should've written about this on my own blog instead of in your comments!)