Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Roach's Project

My dear friend Roach has started an internet project. It is entitled "List 5." The byline is: "A daily subject for you to List 5 of. Add a comment and you could be in the book."

In the about section it states: "List 5 is where I will list a new topic every day for one full year, and compile the answers into a book. It’s an open project so anyone who wants to comment can. The key to is to list just 5 things and only the best ones will make it into the book. Don’t be fooled, coming up with five answers for some questions is harder than it seems.

This is a totally interactive site so you are allowed to answer however you want, including simply listing 5 items; however, what will truly differentiate your answer from others is the personal stories behind them. Why do you feel that way? What made you choose that certain thing? Obviously, my entries will be a little longer than most, and not everyone will feel the need to open up quite as much. It doesn’t matter. Make your list however you are compelled to, since it is yours not mine."

I think it's a pretty awesome idea, so you should check it out and contribute. I have.

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PrincessGreen17 said...

That's a cool idea!