Thursday, July 24, 2008


This month has been very long. Work has been extremely trying and I've been working like a dog. Summer Reading just takes it out of me. I think it is the unrelenting nature of the days. There is just something going on all the time and it seems endless. It is certainly something that can make you burn out.

Today I was struck by two conflicting opinions about my Summer Reading program (and it was mine - I planned EVERY activity -all 52 separate events). I had people thank me for everything my staff and I had done over the past couple of months and then I had someone who was quite displeased with my policies. I held firm, and backed up one of the people in my department, but it was still irritating. Here's the thing - we offer everything free of charge and we basically work our asses off to reward children for reading. Don't get me wrong. I want to instill a love of reading in kids. I want them to love it like I do. But I also want parents to take responsibility for their own actions and if they don't pay attention to deadlines, then it's their problem not mine.

Ahh. Now I feel better. Just needed to get it off my chest.


GateTree said...

I understand completely. When you work in education and you actually do a good job, it's annoying to be harassed by irresponsible parents who undermine the concepts and behaviors we are trying to teach their kids by the often embarrassing examples they provide for their own kids (like missing deadlines and whining about it).
-mikeray (from List5)

PrincessGreen17 said...

Someone was seriously calling to bitch about summer reading? Get a life. Or a better hobby.