Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Gig

With gas being so expensive and under the theory that extra money is always good, I have started hostessing at the restaraunt that the roommie works at. Now don't worry, we really won't work together once - maybe once a week. Basically, it will fill my tank and I get a discount on food. Not bad, eh?

So after my post yesterday, I had a little drama. Apparently, I left my lights on when I parked my car at work. We all know what that means...dead battery. A car was parked next to me and I had to ask everyone at the library if they were driving a certain car so that I could either have them move it or get them to give me a jump. The very person that owned the car initially shook his head "no" when I came around to him. Some people drive me insane. Anyway, he did come out to his car (once I made a terse announcement over the P.A. system) and jumped the car. Why did he deny he was the owner in the first place? I have no idea. Oh well, another mystery of life.


Peyton said...

What a butt-head... people like that drive me crazy.

Peyton said...

Oh, and that is cool about your new gig. They have the most delicious food. Does your discount cover any out-of-town friends that happen to be dining with you?

PrincessGreen17 said...

The guy sounds pretty suspicious! What restaurant are you working at? That sounds like a pretty easy gig. Extra money is great!