Thursday, March 27, 2008

Helpful advice

Although I am not a parent, I am able to spot the behavior that parents display that will get their children's asses kicked at school. (I truly saw this earlier this week - the child was 7)

-cutting up said child's chicken NUGGETS into the tiniest pieces possible and unpacking his lunch for him and placing everything just so and explaining what everything is even though it is only chicken and doritos.
-holding a cup to the child's mouth so that he can drink despite the fact that there were no discernible reasons why the child's own arms would not support the slight weight of a paper cup. You might as well regress back to a sippy cup and a bib.
-cutting HIS hair in a pageboy style home haircut (like the picture above, but with shorter bangs - I sh*t you not)

This child is in for a lifetime of wedgies and swirlies and any other torture that kids can come up with these days. It won't be pretty.


Belle of Madison said...

Poor kid. Sounds like his mom needs to get laid.

PrincessGreen17 said...


Queen Angela said...

Maybe the kid's arms were fake.