Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What to do, what to do?

I need to use my vacation soon. I have a certain number of days saved up and I will be taking an actual "vacation." It makes me feel very adult to have this kind of time available. I think I will probably divide it up and take a couple of smaller trips. This is quite different from the vacations my parents took my brother and I on when we were kids. I used to love those long trips to all sorts of places in the middle of the summer. I loved the night before leaving our house because everyone was trying to pack their bags and my mom was always in a bad mood because she hated getting everything together and then inevitably forgetting something. We would get up super early in the morning and then set out for our 3 week+ trip. A dependable destination was a week or two in Louisiana visiting family and old friends. After this we would drive the interminable distance to any number of states below the Mason-Dixon line. One year we went to Disney World, other times we went to Savannah, Charleston, Charlotte, and any other cities generally located below the Mason-Dixon line. Don't worry, we also went to New York, London, Wales, and other more exotic locals. Sorry to digress, but the thought of a vacation gets me a little nostalgic.


PrincessGreen17 said...

I love travelling. I think if your parents took you on trips when you were a kid it helps instill that trait! You should write longer posts about some of your favorite trips as a kid. :)

Anonymous said...

Your brother sounds like a great guy...maybe you should go visit him for your vacation.