Friday, August 03, 2007

He's what I like to call special

Teddy runs around the apartment with a leash in his mouth. This is an old leash from when he was a puppy and it is pretty short - probably 5 ft. or less. I have attached the part that would attach to the collar into the handhold (basically it is a big circle). I have spent a lot of money on toys for Teddy, but this leash is probably the one thing he likes playing with the most. He grabs it in his mouth and runs around and eventually catches one of his back legs which hobbles him, but makes the game even more fun. He growls at it (even as he holds it in his mouth) and acts quite ferociously towards it. He looks ridiculous tripping around almost falling on the damn thing, but I have rarely seen him happier. So, everyone - get your dog a leash to play with.

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