Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Despite the fact

That the anniversary of Elvis' death was last Thursday, I have immersed myself in the cult of Presley for the last week or so - to be more accurate, I would have to admit for the last 10 years or so- but who's counting? Most of you think I'm crazy and obsessed (or maybe you think this is just a joke?), but I would like to clarify my interest...

Yes, I believe that he was one of the most gifted musical talents of the 20th Century - hands down - but I also think his life and story are an excellent example of modern tragedy. Perhaps a cautionary tale. For those of you who would dismiss him as a drug addict that got what he deserved...I just don't have enough space to refute this claim. He was a good man who got caught up in his own myth. Did he believe his own hype? Definitely. Was he someone that abused his body and shunned help? Yes. Was he a good person that tried to help those that were in need? Absolutely.

So, lets recap. I'm not a crazy fan that thinks he could do no wrong. I just think the good outweighs the bad.

New to Elvis? Here are the top five songs you should commit to your music library:
1. Suspicious Minds (all-time favorite)
2. It's Now or Never (I believe it fully displays his vocal range)
3. That's All Right [Mama] (The song he was first famous for)
4. If I Can Dream (although not one of my favorites, it was one of Elvis' and it is a powerful song)
5. Can't Help Falling in Love (don't get me started on why this song is just too much)


PrincessGreen17 said...

I agree with you-he was definitely THE KING! Fabulous voice, handsome, southern, just everything!

Susie said...

I love Elvis, too! The story is fascinating and there are some good biographies out there. Which ones have you read?

katie g. said...


I have read the two most exhaustive biographies by Peter Guralnick: Last Train to Memphis (early in his career) and Careless Love (the post army years). Of course Elvis and Me by Priscilla - part of the reason I love the miniseries so much. A Guy Named Elvis by Jerry Schilling (one of the Memphis Mafia). Fortunate Son - which is more of a cultural study using Elvis as a the center. Of course several picture biographies, my favorite of which is Elvis by the Presleys. Check out any of these.