Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Question of Loyalty and Elvis

Two topics today, folks.

First: I like to think of myself as a loyal person. One that feels the hurt of other people and tries to support them when they've been wronged. How far does this go? This week, I've offered to never go back to one of my favorite restaurants. That's a big deal for me, but it is still a matter of being loyal. If I think there is a legitimate reason for how a friend feels about a certain person, place, or thing...I try to support them. Just a note.

Second: I am finishing up the second volume of an Elvis biography that I have been working on reading for the last several months. The total page count is a little under 1200 pages, but I am a fan and I want to know as much about The King as possible. It's a great read, but a little disillusioning. The author, Peter Guralnick, really explores EVERY aspect of his life and a lot of it is quite depressing. I knew he was a philanderer and super strung out on drugs, but it was much worse. And so very sad. I think I'm a little obsessed as this is my fifth Elvis bio in the last four months...and I have another one waiting in the wings. I will totally kick ass at my Elvis trivia game that I own and intend on making people play.


Peyton said...

Which restaurant?

Roach said...

Please don't let it be Buffalo Wild Wings. I know how much fun you have there.

Belle of Madison said...

I like to think I know a fair amount of Elvis trivia, but I'm sure you will stomp me into the ground when I come over to play the game with you.

Unless it's a case of most of the stuff you know being more obscure than the questions in the game. Like, Elvis liked fried peanut butter and _____ sandwiches.

katie g. said...

A: banana, but he didn't turn down putting bacon on them at times.

I can't reveal the restaurant to protect the innocent.