Monday, May 07, 2007

My Biggest Pet Peeve

Number 1. Nothing tops it.

Drunk Driving. Particularly Celebrity Drunk Driving. These people get their asses hauled all over Hollywood, but can't seem to find a driver when they're inebriated.

Lane Garrison (drunk and high - killed a high school student)
Ty Pennington
Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie (high on Lortabs and Pot)
Michelle Rodriquez
Tracy Morgan
Rip Torn (there is also a ridiculous video of his arrest on YouTube)
Mike Tyson (high on coke)
Jessica Smith (desperate chick on Laguna Beach)
Mel Gibson
David Hasselhoff (I know this comes as a shock after that crazy video)
Vivica A. Fox
Al Unser Jr. (indy driver)
A.J. Foyt (indy driver)
Gary Chapman (Christian singer)
Trey Anastasio (Phish)
Ray Liotta
Nick Carter
Gus Van Sant
George Michael
Haley Joel Osment
Taboo (Black Eyed Peas)
Brian Bonsall (little kid on Family Ties)
Cynthia Watros (Lost)
Tracey Gold
Zachery Ty Bryan (Home Improvement)
Glen Campbell
Wynonna Judd
Billie Joe Armstrong
Nick Nolte
Kim Delaney
Natasha Lyonne
Shannen Doherty
Andy Dick (drugs)
Jason Priestley

To name a few.

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