Thursday, February 03, 2011


In about a month a few friends and I are going to a cabin in Gatlinburg. It's a trip I thought of and booked. Do you know what I have done? I have planned a couples weekend, people. Everyone else who is going is a couple. Maybe they would have more fun without me in their couply-hood, but too bad. I'm a fun girl and plan on having an awesome time. I love all of my friends' significant others. They are good men who are good to my friends. I'm not lying. Trust me, I have made my feelings VERY clear when I'm not a fan of one of my friends' boyfriends or girlfriends. If you want someone to say yes and make you feel better about a bad relationship - find.someone.else. I'm too old to lie to you....but I digress!

I'm planning my next adventure! I'm going to enjoy a (however cliche and overused the phrase is) staycation. I'm thinking Ross Bridge Resort here in town, room service, movies on demand, and spa services. I think it will be awesome. I may even let someone go with me, but the jury is out. Sometimes I'm my own best company. :)

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