Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't kid yourself

One of the most annoying phrases I hear is "I've been dancing since I was 2."

No. No you haven't. That would be allowing for quite a flexible definition of 'dancing'

Following the logic here are the other things that I have been doing since I was 2:

* I, too, have been a painter and sculpted since toddlerhood. Some of my early work is more Cubist, but I believe quite impressive.

* Driving. I easily navigated the roads on my big wheel or tricycle to the point that I should have considered a career as a professional driver.

* Writer. Sure some of my 'scribblings' were difficult to interpret, but no less intriguing. It was still important to get my message out.

* Decorating - I have heard stories about some of the many ways I managed to alter my surroundings. Personally, I object to the term destructive. I'm more fond of the phrase 'creative removal.'

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