Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Unplanned Pregnancy Marathon

Tonight I watched August Rush and Waitress. Both of these movies star Keri Russell. Both of these movies involve Keri Russell's character getting pregnant unexpectedly. In terms of movie reviews, I would give August Rush 3.5 stars. Waitress gets 4 stars. There are several caveats:

August Rush is a strange movie. There's a lot of "feeling the music" and "hoping they will come." In the Field of Dreams kind of way. The ending alone bumps the movie up at least a star.

Waitress should not be judged by the terrible Southern accents. If you try to ignore them then you will be able to enjoy the story.


Belle of Madison said...

Aww, I thought the accents in Waitress were cute. I love that movie. I'm waiting to get August Rush from the library. Obviously I love Keri Russell, after coming down from my Felicity marathon.

katie g. said...

It's official. You've been gone from the south too long. Those accents were sooo overdone...and if I heard one more "ain't" I was going to scream.