Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday update

As I sit here, the roommie and her bf are playing Guitar Hero. I played earlier and at first I did not like the game much at all. It has since grown on me. I believe I am going to have Guitar Hero arm tomorrow because I am already a little sore. The roommie is currently alternating between "oooh Lord," "F*ckers," and "oh my hands." Too funny. I have to admit it probably isn't a good sign that I broke a sweat sitting down playing a video game.


Belle of Madison said...

Dude. Aren't you supposed to stand up when you play that?

(my only exposure to Guitar Hero was at a technology workshop for librarians... go figure.)

Peyton said...

Guitar Hero... is that one of those games that youngsters play? The last game I played was tetris on Nintendo. "Hi, I am Peyton and I am old."

Peyton said...

I would like to amend my comment... the last game i played was Tetris on my GameBoy (yep, still old and outdated).