Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Heath, All the time

I've been watching the news about his death and it's really just so sad. I keep thinking about his daughter and family and think how sad it is for them. It just seems so sad that he was alive at least an hour and a half before he was found dead. I know I always wonder about my mom and when it happened and if there was anything I could have done...(for those of you not in the know...I was the one that found her and it was probably the most terrifying experiences of my life). I do have to admit I am surprised by how much press this has generated. I guess it is a combination of his age, how it happened, and the fact that he is going to be in one of the biggest movies of the year. Oh well, it's just sad.


Peyton said...

It is so tragic! I feel so bad for his family and his little girl.

Katie, I wonder about my Daddy, too. My mom was planning to go out the the barn with him but changed her mind at the last minute... I think about the what if she was there all of the time. I think about the what if my brother didn't cause so much heartache and stress on him- would he still be alive? There is also the guilt I feel because I was going to call him during "Cops" to tell him something and decided not to... it was about 15 minutes before he died... I still cannot go to (or look at) the spot where it happend.

Death is tragic and unfair. But, it is a part of life... I just wish I could cope with that... I just wish we didn't have to experience this whole thing... It totally sucks.

katie g. said...

Peyton, I try to remember that the "ifs" really don't mean anything. They are just possibilities...there are plenty of great situations in your life that wouldn't have happened if you had made one little decision different. It took me a lot of time to realize this. I also have the comfort of knowing that my mom was miserable and she is free now. She can breathe deeply and can move without pain. I know it may not be in a temperal body, but I know that she doesn't suffer. I know this.

PrincessGreen17 said...

He had such a bright career ahead of him...a lot of people just took to him I guess. And it was a shock because we weren't reading about him out at the clubs acting crazy every night. Death is always going to be fascinating and mysterious to those of us who haven't experienced it yet. It is really unfair like Peyton said, I don't know how to understand it. I didn't know you found your mom, that must have been so hard for you.