Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh, now I get it. Thank you soooo much

I spoke with a lovely representative of the company that holds my student loan (or the company that holds the balance on money I spent willy-nilly in graduate school and didn't truly believe they would want it back). I was calling because I was confused about my online statement. It said that I owed all this money (which I knew was not right) and I was quite concerned. I finally navigated my way through their automated system and got an actual person (gasp). He was a bit brusque, but absolutely understandable so I was pleased in this day of outsourcing. I asked him what was up with my account and he told me that the online statement was old and I would received another in August (despite it stating that I had a balance due - you'd think they would update that - but I digress). So I don't owe a bunch of money, then he passed along this little nugget of information that I shall hold closed to my heart forever more.

Upon my question of changing to an email statement and when the next one would come he said:

"You will receive that in August, you received your last one through the mail because WE CANT REACH INTO THE MAILBOX AND PULL IT OUT ONCE YOU REQUEST EMAIL STATEMENTS"

Finally, someone has lifted the curtain on the US Postal Service. Apparently, my attempts to shove my arm in the mail shoot periodically is a wasted effort and definitely not worth the disapproving glare of some of our governments finest, yet, slowest employees. (Cue the sounds of Lee Greenwood's "And I'm Proud to be an American...")

I thought that this was so helpful that I needed to post something IMMEDIATELY. Once again, you're welcome

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Peyton said...

Wow, Katie.... thank you so much. I am so glad he cleared the confusion up with you so you could clear it up for us... my gosh, I am shocked you can't reach into the mailbox and pull things out.

(By the way, I would have loved to have seen your face when he told you that.)