Monday, July 09, 2007

My name is Katie...and I'm an addict

I can't get enough of Big Brother 8, people. It's really not my fault. It comes on three times a week for a total of 3 hours - and that's just primetime. It is also on Showtime 2, which until 4 days ago, I had know idea we were subscribing to this WONDERFUL channel. Anywho, It comes on EVERY NIGHT. For 3 HOURS EVERY NIGHT - uncut (we actually saw boy parts the other night - not much of a thrill really, but still)for a total of 21 Hours every week. There is also a call in program every weekday online for an hour for a total of 5 hours. Now, I don't watch all of this, but it is still out there. I could spend 29 hours of my life every week just on BB8. You know what the funny thing is? All of the uncut programming is pretty boring and it makes you realize how dumb people sound when they are just shooting the breeze. On this note, how does one eradicate the use of "like" in their speech? Actually, I am surprised the American people haven't noticed the vacuum of intellectual thought since the 14 contestants have been quarantined from the general public.

Actual quotes from the show:

"We all cheered 'Go Blue Team!' because we were like the blue team, you know."


Upon seeing her picture in the house, one contestant began to cry and said "it looks like there are bags under my eyes that aren't my own" Waa-Waa-Waa....

as well as

"And I immaculately conceived gonorrhea!!"

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Ready24/7 said...

My dad repeating me whenever I said "like" helped me kick the habit...around him! I guess we all need to make fun of each other! That last quote makes me think of Seinfeld, "My boyfriend said I got gonnorhea from riding the tractor in my bathing suit!"