Monday, July 16, 2007

I bet there is a hotel maid looking pretty sharp right now

Why? I left my bridesmaid dress in a heap in a hotel in VA. My shoes are in a trash can at a lovely plantation house nearby. Don't get me wrong, I thought the dresses Claire picked out were fine and generally flattering. But I ain't gonna be wearing it again. The wedding was beautiful and the couple very happy. It almost changed my mind about marriage. I guess I will admit that the jury is still out.

See? I'm growing.

Seriously, it was really nice to see two people so happy and appreciative of finding one another. When it's right, it's right. Claire and her new husband are now honeymooning on some beach south (or maybe east?) of here. I'm envious in several ways. Above all else, I'm happy for them.


Peyton said...

FYI- The maids left the adjoining door unlocked so we peeked in before we left... no sign of the dress or shoes... they are gone forever!

By the way, excellent weekend! I feel like tan Stewie (from the family guy).

katie g. said...

too funny, Peyton :)

Sara g said...

At least this one didn't go up in flames.

And Peyton you are border-line George Hamilton.

Peyton said...

seriously, i have a glow... aka i don't think i am see-through anymore

katie g. said...

Really, Peyton? A glow? Like a night light?