Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fed up.

It has been a stressful few weeks...and if you are keeping track I would say it has been a stressful few MONTHS. I just got a letter from the apartment complex citing complaints about how I treat my dog. Yes, Teddy. The prince of apartment 8. I will readily admit that I stand in the doorway and let him pee in the mornings and at night. That is addressed in the letter. Fine. I won't do that anymore. Not a big deal. The big deal is that the letter goes on to say that I don't walk my dog. As in ever. WTF? I am so angry right now that I could tell pretty much anyone who gets in my way to just fuck off. I dare anyone to come to my house and see how my dog lives. He is a happy dog that has plenty of attention and that I actually walk him. It is impossible to have a dog and not walk them unless you have a doggy door and a fenced in back yard. I hope that whoever this (or these as the case may be) person is continues to enjoy such a blessed life. I feel it must be blessed that they don't have any real problems and have enough time to watch me and study how I treat my dog. I could go on and on, but it would be redundant. I am going to talk to the leasing agent tomorrow and straighten this out. I should bring Teddy by so they can see how abused he is.


Belle of Madison said...

I think you're right, whoever made the complaint must have absolutely nothing going on in their life. They need to mind their own beeswax!

Susie said...

What happened? You have to update. That person is crazy.